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About Us
Burdick - Enea Memorials with their tradition of excellence, of family ownership and commitment has been merged with DeRegis - Walser Monuments. Burdick Memorials boasts over a century of family tradition and workmanship that continues to thrive today. Walser Monuments in Syracuse was established in 1897 and was successfully merged in 2001 with the 86 year old DeRegis family business.
Design Center
It begins in the cemetery. Choosing a monument begins in the cemetery. There are over 376 from Rochester to St Johnsville New York. Each of these cemeteries has it's own rules and regulations. Be sure to speak with your funeral director or cemetery office about what types of monuments are allowed in the cemetery and what kind of regulations about type, size and designs they allow.

Know Your Cemetery
Below you will find alphabetically listed cemeteries in New York State along with the contact information for each location. This will always be a work in progress as things are constantly changing. We will be diligent in keeping you updated of changes. This section is designed to help you make an informed decision on cemeteries. Each has a different set of rules and regulations. Be sure to check on monument restrictions.
Memories are beautiful, precious and personal moments shared with loved ones; the laughter, the tears, the closeness that comes from years of shared joys - and sorrows. All are woven into a tapestry of memory in which each thread is the image of a loved one whose soul touched yours in a way unlike any other. No one is quite like that person you knew, loved, and remember. No one else has the same personality or character; that essence that was his or hers alone.

Restoration Services
Weather and time can affect the appearance of your monument. Mold and debris can hide the beauty of the original stone. We now offer a stone cleaning service. There are several variables that affect the price of having your monument cleaned:

  • Material: (granite / marble) Granite is easier and therefore less expensive to clean because it is not porous like marble
  • Height: The height of the statue or monument
  • Slope: The gradient of the slope where the monument sits
  • Sandstone, Slate, Concrete: These materials are much more difficult to clean.
Cemetery Lettering
Your Stone is Unique
A monument is a tribute to a life. Each and every monument is unique. Dating and lettering involves sandblasting with a grandular diamond abrasive. A hand cut or computer produced stencil matching the size, style and spacing already on the stone is attached to a warm dry stone. The section of the stencil to be blasted is removed. Sandblasting in a circular motion with continuous movement requires strength and patience. The depth of the cut must match the pre-existing lettering work. A sandblasted panel is required on grey and pink stones.

Purchasing Guide
A monument is a tribute to a life. It is a symbol of love and a way to make memories endure for ages to come. It is a place for our children to find solace and where we take future generations to learn about their family history.

Choosing a monument begins in the cemetery. Make sure you know what is allowed in the section your lot is in.

An upright monument consists of an upright piece of granite and a base. There are many sizes, color and style choices available. A slant is an upright monument with an angles front and comes with or without a base. A hickey monument is a type of slant usually with a higher nosing. This is an older style that is usually a duplicate of what is already on a family plot.

Flush Markers
A flush marker or flat marker is designed to sit flush with the ground. Granite flush markers are generally 4 inches thick and are inset. Many of the cemeteries have flush only sections so be sure to verify with your cemetery what the restirctions are.
Benches are a creative way to memorialize your loved one. They come in many styles and colors. Legs can be straight or curved. Some cemeteries do not allow them so you will need to check first.

Historical information about many cultures was gathered from the mausoleums that outlasted those who built them. Examples of famous mausoleums include the Egyptian Pyramids, the Indian Taj Mahal and the Tomb of Mausolus (one of the seven wonders of the world), from where the word mausoleum is coined. Many different styles of mausoleums are now available from single person crypts up to sixteen crypt construction with either internal or external entrances to the area where those who have passed are interred. Granite of every color is available along with carving and statuary. Burial in an individual or family mausoleum allows for a level of individuality and privacy.