Your Stone is Unique

A monument is a tribute to a life. Each and every monument is unique. Dating and lettering involves sandblasting with a grandular diamond abrasive. A hand cut or computer produced stencil matching the size, style and spacing already on the stone is attached to a warm dry stone. The section of the stencil to be blasted is removed. Sandblasting in a circular motion with continuous movement requires strength and patience. The depth of the cut must match the pre-existing lettering work. A sandblasted panel is required n grey and pink stones. 

Final dating and lettering can be added to an existing memorial without removing it from the cemetery. By doing the lettering at the grave site, the possibility of damage from removal and re-installation is eliminated. 

Some monuments already have 19--or the incorrect date blasted on the stone. A portion of granite is chipped off the base, broken into granular size, mixed with epoxy, hammmered into the blasted groove and reblasted with the correct date. When first done this is highly visible. As time goes on you will see a slightly different color shade. However the change will always be visible. 

An order form must be completed with what is currently on the monument. Research, such as cemetery, section and lot number is essential. Who is buried on the left or the right, the color and type of stone is necessary to make sure we blast the correct name on the correct grave. In our business accurate information supplied by the purchaser is vital. A Signature is required as proof of accuracy along with payment in advance. The order is then completed as soon as weather permits.