Memories are beautiful, precious and personal moments shared with loved ones; the laughter, the tears, the closeness that comes from years of shared joys - and sorrows. 

All are woven into a tapestry of memory in which each thread is the image of a loved one whose soul touched yours in a way unlike any other. 
No one is quite like that person you knew, loved, and remember. No one else has the same personality or character; that essence that was his or hers alone. 

No one can separate you from your memories, yet they are intangible. How can you express them to others? How do you give shape and substance to express the love you feel for that special person? YOU CREATE A MONUMENT TO THAT SPECIAL LIFE.

The term "Epitaph" means the inscription upon a monument of a selected verse or quotation which expresses in language some thought or sentiment significantly applicable to the individual or family for whom the monument is erected.


Your memories are transformed into beautiful granite etching by Marc Verri. Each piece is truly customized to the customer's request.

Computer technology has become so advanced that pictures can be transferred to porcelain with handcrafted perfection.

Symbolism can be very meaningful and can enhance the memories of a loved one. Throughout history we have used symbols to depict something about a person or about important ideas at the time.